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Knit a slouchy hat or beret!

Whatever you do, do not eat packaged food that has been opened!  After coming home from tennis practice late Monday night, I opened my frozen dinner box to find that the plastic around the dish was open.  I was too tired and hungry to reason with myself and just popped it in the microwave.  I figured that the box was sealed so it should be fine.  WRONG!  I was up all night and sick all the next day 😦  Lesson learned!

Kat’s Le Slouch

Kat’s Le Slouch

Kat’s “Le Slouch” hat:  pattern by Wendy Bernard
I followed this pattern as it was written and it turned out perfectly for my short hair.  If I had longer hair, I might try to make this more slouchy.  This pattern is fairly easy and could be knitted by an advanced beginner.  I knitted most of the hat on circular needles and then switched to the double pointed needles when there were so few stitches that I didn’t have any other choice.  The hardest part is really working on the double pointed needles… do not come near me when I am finishing a hat, as it is a very crucial and angering situation LOL!!!  It is similar to walking in the kitchen when my mother is making pie crust…  there are some things that you just don’t do!!! 🙂

Materials: US size 9 needles (I used circular and double pointed)
Yarn:  1 skein!  GGH Solitaire 142 yards.  Color #5 Chocolate brown it is a merino blend.

Happy knitting!