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Knit a slouchy hat or beret!

Whatever you do, do not eat packaged food that has been opened!  After coming home from tennis practice late Monday night, I opened my frozen dinner box to find that the plastic around the dish was open.  I was too tired and hungry to reason with myself and just popped it in the microwave.  I figured that the box was sealed so it should be fine.  WRONG!  I was up all night and sick all the next day 😦  Lesson learned!

Kat’s Le Slouch

Kat’s Le Slouch

Kat’s “Le Slouch” hat:  pattern by Wendy Bernard
I followed this pattern as it was written and it turned out perfectly for my short hair.  If I had longer hair, I might try to make this more slouchy.  This pattern is fairly easy and could be knitted by an advanced beginner.  I knitted most of the hat on circular needles and then switched to the double pointed needles when there were so few stitches that I didn’t have any other choice.  The hardest part is really working on the double pointed needles… do not come near me when I am finishing a hat, as it is a very crucial and angering situation LOL!!!  It is similar to walking in the kitchen when my mother is making pie crust…  there are some things that you just don’t do!!! 🙂

Materials: US size 9 needles (I used circular and double pointed)
Yarn:  1 skein!  GGH Solitaire 142 yards.  Color #5 Chocolate brown it is a merino blend.

Happy knitting!


Fastest Scarf!

Fastest Scarf!

This is the fastest scarf and it turned out great!  It was a last minute gift for my Aunt Katherine.  I wanted to knit a quick chunky scarf and I thought she might like it 🙂 It is made with extra soft and  luxurious yarn called Debbie Bliss alpaca silk aran 60m/50g the color is claret no. 11. I used 2.5 skeins. Each skein was 71 yds.

Materials: Size US 15 needles.

Cast on 12 stitches.
Knit 8 rows.
On 9th row knit elongated stitches across to end (just wrap yarn around one extra time when knitting) It will appear that there are twice as many stitches.  When knitting the next row, only knit the first stitch and then let the second or double stitch go to form the length of the elongated stitch and keep repeating.  Please see video “Elongated stitch for help”  It is very easy!
Repeat 8 rows of knit and then one row of the elongated knit stitch until scarf is desired length.
Attach tassels.

And your done!

-kat 🙂

Easy Quick Dog Sweater! Pug Sweater :)

Pug Sweater

Yay!!! Rosie’s first homemade sweater is finished!!!!  A super easy “Pug Sweater.” I used a pattern from the “Posh Pooches” kit, which Simon gave to me for Christmas.  I like all of the designs in the book, which is rare.  This is the “Super-Warm Bulky Sweater” pattern, which I modified to fit RoRo’s body.  Her measurements are approx:  base of neck to tail 12″, chest (under front legs and around neck) 17.5″ Rosie is about 15 lbs.  For this pattern, her size which is an 18, according to the book, was not included, so I had to modify the design.   I did this by just eyeballing it.  My modifications: Cast on 20 stitches.  Repeat beginning row patterns 5 times.  Work for 7″ for back.  Purl 3 for arm holes and adjust number for arm hole pattern.  Work for another 5 (6) inches for chest. Work neck ribbing for 6 inches (or in my case until you are out of yarn.)  I think this is a great first sweater to knit and a beginner can definitely do this.  It only took one skein, which I bought from Michaels but you can order online at JoAnnes for $6.99.  It is Patons “Rumor” alpaca blend called Hibiscus Heather… which is a mix of colors, wine, plum, and heather fibers.  I used US size 15 needles, which the book calls for.  When I knit this again, I am going to knit the chest panel for another inch which would be the (6) above, and for the neck, I would decrease a few stitches to make the ribbing tighter… Maybe by 4-6 stitches.  Success!!!!!!!!!


Simple pattern scarf!

Simple pattern scarf!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  Now that everyone has received their Christmas scarves, I can finally post them up!!!!  My Aunt Katherine is modeling the scarf that I knit for Ashley, my sister, who was too busy playing my cousin’s new Wii, to model for me 😦  Anyway, this is a great scarf to knit as your first patterned scarf.  It is very easy and all you have to do is knit and purl.  This is my favorite yarn so far…. It is made by Araucania and is called Aysen Color 808 70% Merino Wool, 20% Alpaca, 10% Silk.  It is multicolored and delicious!  Click here to view yarn or to buy! 191 yards per skein and I used about 2.

Needles: Size 9

Cast on 18 stitches (or any number of even stitches for desired width)


Row 1: (k1, p1)  repeat to end.
Row 2: (k2, p2) repeat to end.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until desired length.
Attach tassels!  Click here for help with tassels (Tassel part is at the end of the video!)

Last Minute Christmas Knitting! Easy men’s scarf.


Thanks girls for last night!  Good food, good nog, and mentally challenged husbands/ boyfriends.  I am too embarassed to post Simon wearing the blue sweater with tennis balls as boobs.  So here is our first post… I am getting things started with the first scarf that I have ever completed and it was instantly stolen off of my needles by my husband, Simon, who won’t wear it “without tassles.” (unless it is wrapped on his head like a turban.)  Anyway, thank you Rob for modeling the scarf the way it was meant to be worn 🙂

Easy mens scarf

Easy men’s scarf: 
Yarn: Katia: Tundra Color 6701 (orange/yellow, Plum/moss) intertwinded “changy-color yarn”
1 1/2 skeins approx. 300 yds total (197 per skein)
Needles: US 8 (5.0 mm)


Cast on 26 stitches
garter stitch everything
knit all rows
(not much of a pattern LOL!)
stop when you have the right length.

OK ladies! Post away… Happy knitting all!