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Knitting in London

Greetings from London, where some of the group is visiting. Surprisingly, until the last couple of days, it has been much the same weather as we’ve had in Los Angeles: cool and rainy. The last couple of days, it has been much clearer here and cold: cozy and perfect knitting weather. We have discovered wonderful BBC shows like “Mistresses” and “Flog it,” and have been enjoying knitting while brushing up on some decent television.

 Yesterday, a sudden need for a needle sent us out into the South of London, where we are staying, to find a replacement for the irritating long straight needles Caroline has been struggling along with. We found a lovely little shop, called I Knit London, pictured below:



This is a great find for us… not only does it have wonderful selections of yarn, it also offers knitting needles at a much cheaper price than in the states. NOTE: If you love addi turbo needles, BUY THEM IN EUROPE. Even with the pound doubling the price for dollars, addis are still half price- costing about £4 or $8 rather than the ghastly $16-20 they go for in U.S. knitting shops. The other excellent opportunity was the ability to get two issues of selvedge magazine at the U.K. price: £7.50 rather than $20 at home. If you have never read Selvedge (www.selvedge.org), you are really missing out. A magical inspiring magazine about textiles and all kinds of amazing crafts, it is worth all the searching among newstands you’ll have to do to find it in the U.S. I am thinking of sunscribing- $90 a year is cheaper than paying $20 per issue for 6 issues, and I have been delighted with every single one I have read.

Here is a view of the cozy interior:

inside i knit london

If you want to seek out the shop, it is in Vauxhall gardens (rhymes with Fox Hall, if you want to pronounce it correctly). Look for the I Knit sign…

We’ll post photos of our projects in the next few days, or you can find us on www.ravelry.com If you haven’t signed up to get an invite for this site, you are missing out. If you enjoy knitting from patterns, this is a great resource to follow along with others who are working on the same project. The features and information are amazing.

Look for us as Remabulous and KattKelly. The owner of I knit London is on as well, although we didn’t catch his user name. Hopefully he will add Katherine and we will snatch him up that way. He was a wonderful help, so make sure to visit.


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